Photonics Applications, LLC
3255 E. Elida Street
Tucson, AZ 85716

(520) 904-0194

OPL-ESPI Speckle Imaging

Shearography Buried
Land Mine Detection *

Rapid Overt Airborne Reconnaissance (ROAR)
Imaging LIDAR Coastal Mine Detection *

* Almquist, Brian, Assault Breaching Technologies Update
  MINWARA Spring 2009 Regional Conference

Laser Spot
Over Mine

Photonics Applications, LLC          Innovative EO Sensor Solutions

Photonics Applications personnel have expertise
in all phases of electro-optic system development
and testing.  Available systems and services include:

EO System Development

  • System Concept and Architecture
  • System Simulation and Performance Estimation
  • System Engineering, Design and Fabrication

EO System Testing

  • Laboratory and Field Data Collection
  • Data Analysis

EO System Performance Modeling

  • Optical Detection and Resolution Analysis
  • Optical Propagation and Scattering Codes
  • Ocean LIDAR Performance Simulation Codes

Image Processing and Display

  • 2D and 3D Image Processing
  • Automatic Target Detection
  • Dyanamic Visibility Enhancement 

Terestrial and Ocean LIDAR Systems

  • Large-Array Flash 3D Imaging LIDAR
  • Range-Gated Intensified Shearography (RGIS)
  • Range-Gated Intensified Etalon Spectrometer (RGIES) 
  • Optically Phase-Locked ESPI (OPL-ESPI)
  • Micro Topography
  • Space-Time Modulated LIDAR (Enhanced Detection) 







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